Music Visualizer Affiliate Program

How would you like to earn money for every music visualizer video sold through your personal affiliate link (25% commission)?

Our custom made music visualizer videos are great to promote and sell to local bands, Soundcloud artists, performers etc – virtually any artist who is in need of a great looking music video for their songs – but can’t afford an expensive studio video production.

Most smaller artists and bands today are looking for alternative ways to succeed in the music industry, without having a big record company marketing machine behind them. There are literally hundreds of ways to promote your own music on the web and through apps like Soundcloud, Spotify, MySpace and many more.

But when it comes to turning all that great music into music videos, things get a lot tougher. A studio production music video will cost thousands of dollars to create, not to mention the time it takes to create them.

Many artists have solved this fact by using simple music visualizer videos on their own, (a great example of this is the immensely popular YouTuber NCS Release).

MusicVisualizer.ORG offer stunning music visualizer videos for only $20 USD per song/audio track. Yes, for only $20, these artists will get an eye-catching, professional looking music video within 24 hours that they can post to YouTube and everywhere else to promote their new music. All the music visualizer videos that you see on our website are ready to be purchased and can be adapted to anyone’s music.

You can earn money for every music visualizer video sold through your personal affiliate link (25% commission).

This sounds great, how do I start?

Getting started is really easy, simply follow the step-by-step guide below:

  1. You will need a Warrior+Plus account to handle all of your affiliate sales, stats and payouts. Dont’t worry though, it’s 100% free. Simply sign up and follow the instructions.
  2. Once you have a Warrior+ account, look us up as a vendor by clicking here or by searching for vendor name ‘Videomoney’. It’s a good idea to click the big green “Follow” button to get notified about any new music visualizers we add.
  3. Next, go to “Affiliate” then “Offers” and either search for the music visualizer name, or our vendor name ‘Videomoney”. From here you can click on any visualizer you would like to promote and apply to become an affiliate. This only has to be done once and we are quick to approve new affiliates. You can also visit any music visualizer page here on to find the direct affiliate signup link for that particular visualizer.
  4. Get your personal affiliate link(s) and start promoting!!
  5. Collect payments through PayPal and other payment options by withdrawing your earnings from Warrior+Plus.